1. What is design build, and the benefits?
    • A company composed of a designer and contractor to minimize the project risk for the client and reduce schedule delays.
    • The designer on a builders staff contains the knowledge of the construction process for that company resulting in budgets and deadlines being delivered accurately.
    • Enhanced communication between the service provider and the client.
    • Increased accountability by the service provider.
    • A single source project delivery.
  2. How often will you be on the job?
    • Thorough management is the top priority to our company.
    • We believe daily visits to the site during each phase keeps our projects on track and precise.
  3. How will you minimize the impact on our daily life during construction?
    • Dust barriers and zipper doors will be securely installed when appropriate in designated areas.
    • Floor and wall protection is place when working or passing through any existing areas to prevent damage.
    • Maintaining a clean job site daily is top priority for the safety of your family and our team.
    • Often times you will need a “camp kitchen” in an undisturbed portion of the house when remodeling your kitchen.
    • Your family will be notified before utilities are turned off to plan around any shut off.
  4. How much of the work is in house?
    • To ensure quality work in a timely manner, specialties are performed by our team of subcontractors under our management. Typical Carpentry, management, and design can all be in house.
  5. How will you ensure a timely completion?
    • The most important entity to this process is a well thought out schedule and communication.
    • Delivery details on your selections are factored in the schedule first so delays are minimized by material availability.
    • Each trade is accountable for following the schedule given to them at the beginning of the project to ensure a productive process.
    • If site conditions change due to unforeseen obstacles and it effects the schedule a new schedule is written and confirmed with all parties involved for the remaining project.