4 bathroom upgrades if you’re possibly selling within 5 years

Here are a couple low cost ideas to freshen up a bathroom. This may be for one who is looking to upgrade the look but plan to sell within five years.

Top items to replace. Counter, floor, light fixture, wall color, plumbing fixtures, and hardware. No need to go top of the line here, there are several products that are good quality at a low cost.

1. Flooring: Stick with vinyl flooring. It is cheap and the technology these days make the patterns look like real marble tile. It is simple to install and easy to maintain.

2. Counter: Find a local granite and marble fabricator and ask about there remnants. Most fabricators will have a pile of left over slabs to dig through and will install them at a low cost.

3. Plumbing fixtures: Upgrade the faucet and shower or bath fixtures if they look a little wore out or outdated. If the toilet is more than 10 years old I suggest replacing it as well.

4. Light fixture: Change out the light fixture to an inexpensive one that will match the new plumbing fixtures. No need to add lighting or move it, just replace the existing one. Now you have the opportunity to get a brighter one in case that old one was not quite bright enough.

Design tips:

Keep it simple, the new hardware and fixtures should be consistent in color/finish and style. Flooring and the counter should compliment each other in a light tone to keep the room bright. If you like contrast and dark shades then paint or stain the cabinet a dark color while keeping the walls a lighter shade with an eggshell or satin finish. Always a good idea to apply a primer in a bathroom to prevent mold from showing up. Spice it up a little and install a framed mirror. Does the cabinet/vanity look well used? There are shops who will build new doors and sell a wood veneer to apply onto the cabinet box for a new look without replacing the cabinet. This is called refacing.

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